is the first online resource to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for prospective adopters, adoptive families and professionals working within the adoption sector.

Developed by Adoption UK Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government, the site hosts introductory information for prospective adopters, advice and guidance for adoptive families and video resources for professionals.

It also includes information and links to the Adoption Register, adoption agencies, post-adoption support available via Adoption UK Scotland and the Adoption Fostering Alliance (AFA) and the Scottish government’s intercountry adoption guidance.

Fiona Aitken, director of Adoption UK Scotland, said researching adoption online can be a highly emotional experience for some prospective adopters, who may still be coming to terms with the fact they are unable to have birth children of their own.

‘Up until now, finding out information online about adoption in Scotland could prove challenging as it required you to research various organisations, all offering their own specialist advice, information and guidance.’

‘Assimilating information under stress can also be difficult for established adoptive families who may be in desperate need of help,” Ms Aitken continued.

‘So, this one-stop resource will be an invaluable tool for everyone within Scotland’s adoptive community – from those making their first enquiries about adoption, to established adoptive families looking for support along their journey.’

A spokesman for Adoption UK said the launch of the website coincides with the 600th young person to be matched with adopters via Scotland’s Adoption Register, since 2011, the equivalent of more than one a week.

The register is an online database which facilitates matching between looked after children and prospective adopters.

Minister for Children and Young People, Maree Todd said: ‘We know that adoption has the potential to completely change the direction of a child or young person’s life by providing them with a loving, supportive and permanent home and family.

‘Reaching this milestone means that there are 600 fewer children in care, having been placed with families who offer the most supportive and stable home they possibly can.

‘We now know more than ever before about what it takes to ensure adoption matches are successful and our new website will act as a vital portal for current and prospective adoptive parents.

‘The website is the first online resource in Scotland to provide a one-stop-shop for prospective adopters, adoptive families and professionals working within the adoption sector – ensuring that the guidance and support they need pre and post-adoption is available to them.’

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Photo Credit – Pixabay