Jeremy Corbyn reveals documents that ‘show NHS for sale’

Jeremy Corbyn has revealed a 452-page document that he says proves the NHS is for sale. 

In a general election press conference today (November 27) Mr Corbyn produced documents that he said ‘shine a light’ on Tory plans to offer the NHS up to the US as part its Brexit deal.

He sais the reports documented secret talks between the UK and US, dating back to 2017, where the two powers discussed ‘breaking open’ the NHS to allow US corporations to increase the cost of medicines.

It comes after weeks of denials from Boris Johnson, who claimed there were ‘no circumstances whatever’ in which the NHS would be on the table in a post-Brexit trade deal.

Mr Corbyn said: ‘These uncensored documents leave Boris Johnson ’s denials in absolute tatters.

‘We now have now got evidence that the NHS is on the table and will be up for sale.

‘He tried to cover it up in a secret agenda, but today it has been exposed.

‘Now we know the truth. When Boris Johnson says ‘get Brexit done’ it is a fraud on the British people.’

Labour said the report shows US officials have worked on a ‘baseline’ assumption of ‘total market access’ in the UK – without mentioning the NHS specifically. However, Mr Corbyn said another section shows ‘patent issues’ around ‘NHS access to generic drugs will be a key consideration’ in talks.

Mr Corbyn said:

‘The US is demanding that our NHS is on the table for negotiations for a toxic deal which could lead to runaway privatisation of our services.

‘One of the reasons drug prices are 250% higher in the US is because of the patent system. These secret document show they are looking to do the same to us

‘Mega corporations will see Boris Johnson’s alliance with Trump as a chance to make billions from the illness and sickness of people in this country

‘This is not only a plot against the NHS, it’s a plot against the country.’

The exact content of the documents is still emerging, but Mr Corbyn said they related to key issues including drug prices, gender discrimination, workers’ rights and food safety.

More to follow.

Photo Credit – Jeremy Corbyn


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